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What property to buy?-Freehold or leasehold

While purchasing property in Dubai it’s pertinent to understand the distinction between freehold property and lease hold property. A thorough exploration regarding this will provide a better insight.

Leasehold VS Freehold
Leasehold usually allows 30, 60, and 90 years or less periods of ownership. Following the expiry of the lease period ownership rights is transferred to another enterprise or the state enterprise. Leasehold property has certain restrictions as stated in the grant papers. The restrictions stated in the grant papers in case of Leasehold properties can vary depending on who is eligible to buy or not buy.
Freehold in real estate refers to a property where the owner enjoys ownership forever. Apart from the psychological comfort factors that come with complete ownership, freehold property entitles the owner to sell, rent out, derive benefits from the property and just about do anything with the property as long as it is legal. While selling a freehold property no state sanction is required. These factors make freehold property a more sensible and attractive option compared to lease hold property.

What Freehold means in Dubai
In Dubai however the concept of Freehold is relatively new. Ownership of property was limited to the citizens of UAE till it was revered by a law in 2002. Expatriates were allowed to gain freehold ownership of property only after a law was passed in 2006. However there are only certain designated areas where a foreigner can buy freehold property. Although foreigners of all nationalities can enjoy freehold ownership, the legal tiles are ambiguous in case of apartments, with multiple occupancy factors. Freehold zones in Dubai include The World islands, Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills the Palm Island projects, and Al Barsha, among others.

Secure the purchased property
It is vital to register the purchased property with the Land Department in order to claim complete ownership. After the property has been delivered to the owner the developer needs to register the property title in the Real Property Register at the Land Department in the name of the purchaser.

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