How to write FAQ’s as a pro?

As a content writer it’s imperative to understand that there are different forms of writing, like technical writing, white paper, product description, academic writing, social media posts, blogging, copywriting, long form writing, e-books and so on. Each type of writing demands a specific format and tone. You can choose to hone your skills in a particular type of writing or gain insight and knowledge about all the different types. While it is difficult to master all forms of writing and deliver competently, there is nothing that cannot be achieved without practice. Below is an example of how you can write FAQ’s. Buzzingtales has given a twist to the normally bland to the point answers and given it a funny bone. Of course you need align your writing with the demands of the client and if the brief is to deliver crisp, concise, to the point answers, that is what your copy should read like.  


1. Will the unblocked person know if I unblock their account?

A unlike in real-time relationships a person you have unblocked on Facebook is blissfully unaware. Facebook isn’t a backbiting snitch going about shouting from the top to notify the unblocked person.

2. How long do I have to wait before being able to send the unblocked person a new friend request?

After you unblock a person you have to be patient for 48 hours before you can send them a friend request again. Facebook gives you ample time to contemplate over your action and think carefully before embarking on your virtual friendship again. This time period is a two way process to safeguard against abuse.

3. I have unblocked someone recently, however, I cannot find their account afterwards.

If you are unable to see an account you have unblocked then be prepared for some hard answers. The person you have unblocked might have deactivated their account; they might have felt the need to alter their user name; they might have felt inclined to sanitize their friend list and blocked you. Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to, so live with it.

4. Will their comments and likes reappear on my profile once I’ve unblocked


When you block someone they are automatically un-friended. After you have unblocked them you will have to send a fresh friend request only after 48 hours. If they accept your request and do not put you as restricted then you get a free pass to view all the likes and comments as a friend. If they make you a friend cautiously and put you in their restricted list then you can only view their public posts and likes and comments. Facebook always adheres to the demands of the individual account user as far as privacy is concerned.

5. Can my account get unblocked if I de-activate my account (and reactivate it)?

Deactivating an account makes it invisible to all including those you are connected with. It is like deciding to renounce the virtual world of Facebook. Your decision to reactivate the account will not get you unblocked unless the individual user has taken decision to unblock you. Your actions will not affect the privacy settings assigned by another account.

6. Can the unblocked person see your activities during the period of restriction?

When you unblock a person they become like a normal public profile. If you are in the restriction period and haven’t been able to send a friend request or the unblocked individual hasn’t accepted your friend request, they can see all your post in which the privacy is set to public. The unblocked person is still an outsider, so they no peeking benefits.

7. Will the unblocked person get notified when I unblock them?

No, Facebook generally avoids all dramas. Phew! Isn’t it great that you can get away slyly unblocking someone and they don’t even realize it. But wait! You will have to send them a friend request to be their friend again after the first 48 hours unless you want them lurking about your public posts, and then there is a chance that they might put two and two together and know.

8. Is there an “unblocked list” on Facebook settings?

No, Facebook doesn’t keep a list of all those you have unblocked. You can however check out your activity in the activity log and retrace your virtual footprints and compile the list yourself.

9. What happens if I unblock someone temporarily and then block them again?

To be able to unblock someone and go back to blocking them again you have to wait for 48 hours. That’s because Facebook wants to protect against any abuse like trolling a celebrity and then becoming invisible without giving them a chance to revert.

10. Do I have to send a friend request again to the unblocked person even though I was the one who blocked them?

Yes, you will have to send a friend request to the unblocked person even if you initiated the blocking and successively the unblocking regime. However, you will have to wait for 48 hours after unblocking to send them a friend request.

11. Can a blocked person unblock their account on their own?

There is no way a blocked person can unblock their account on their own. It’s great to resolve a problem own your own, however, in this case you are seen as a problem by some one and hence the block. Facebook plays the neutral party who respects individual decisions and wants you to do the same.

12. Can an unblocked person send me a friend request?

Yes, a person you have unblocked can send you a friend request. Well, that is technically speaking. If you think about it a bit rationally you will stumble upon roadblocks like; The person is not notified when you block or unblock him/her so how would they know you are no longer their friend? Unless, they are obsessive stalkers who make it a point to unveil the reason why you were not seen by them and are suddenly visible and they are still desperately interested in being your Facebook friend.

13. I am not able to send a new friend request to someone I recently unblocked!

Well there are many reasons for that. They might have set their privacy setting to limit the number of friend request they get or probably they have blocked you. Life is hard when things don’t happen your way but that’s the way it is.

14. I unblocked someone accidentally from my blocked list but I do not know who! How do I find out? Is there an unblocked accounts history?

You can save the day by logging into your account and checking your activity logs. When you visit your profile page on Facebook from your PC, check on the top right below your profile for 3 dots. Click on that to expand and find the Activity Log. You simply click on that to view your activity. This will help you retrace your activity and then find out the person whom you accidentally unblocked.

15. Why am I not able to unblock someone on my blocked list?

The chances are that you should be able to unblock the person unless the user has deactivated their account or blocked you. In both the scenarios you will not be able to access the account of the user you want to unblock and hence you will fail to achieve any success in this regard.

16. Can I unblock someone who has blocked me?

No it won’t be possible to unblock a person who has blocked you, precisely because you will not be able to access their account or see them on your blocked account list. When a user blocks you their account becomes inaccessible to you. Since you cannot see them you will fail to unblock them.

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