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What is Buzzingtales?                       Contact: minakhee@gmail.com  

Buzzingtales is an online publication & e-commerce site that is interested in everything related to people, life, lifestyle, novel products, premium services, fashion, food, books, community, health- to put it in short about life & living.

A few of the brands I fell in love with are Fashion Week, Uniliver Products, Comedy Festival Dubai, Parfum Monde, Just Falafel, Chimes, Swetha Wahi’s show in Dubai at Fashion Forward etc

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About the Author

Minakhee Mishra has managed to derive a magical formula out of her professional expertise ( Writing/Editing/ Web Writing/ Social Media) and personal motivation & passion ( motherhood, fitness, vegetarianism, cooking, storytelling, quirky fashion, love for adventure & travel etc). Storytelling is her medium to swing left, right, and centre and defy the notion that we cann’t have it all.

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